A party organized
by two, I was one of them, was about to become a burden on my friends. During
the first hours I found myself preparing welcoming drinks to the few identified and a
bunch unknown. (Tio Tonic, by the way, cured
a couple of ladies feeling ill upon arrival and made the healthy even more
Midnight was approaching and I forced a few copains into a break-away from spicy pasta and fino sherry. I
wanted to gather impressions of wine lovers, not mainly professional somms, about
a juice I just heard of. Presenting Tselepos’ Melissopetra 2016, in festive and
crowdy conditions, it was a gamble.

Instantly the dj was ignored and the small
talk interfered by this Greek gewürztraminer. Royal, lush by nature, much more
than fruit, still elegant and fresh. €15 plus: no discussion! As it was my
first tasting of the Melissopetra as well, I couldn’t really add a
characteristic. Perhaps that the dark smokey undertone makes this Greek worthy
of comparison to Alsace gewurz.

would last until 5am.