One should
never complicate life in January or May, when shelves of kitchen cabinets are
stowed with storage food which didn’t make it to the christian party tables. The
owner of these cans shouldn’t worry either: freshness lasts, generally speaking, a bit beyond the
expiration date. Just to say, it didn’t come as a surprise to be invited to eating
asparagus in January. In a jar, in its juice, thick white asparagus. Straight
in a hot pan, with crispy peel and good taste, the question was “what do we
drink with that?” I had a Syn + White Dot
2014, moschofilero and roditis, left in the fridge.

Although we didn’t need
anything else, a white Belgian wine from winery Ten Gaerde joined the meal.
Both wines freshened up the oily, easy, wintery taste of the meal by adding a
touch of acidity and tension. Spring is far away, but we’re so good where we